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The advantages of choosing a metal circular saw

Choose a metal circular saw and you'll make short work of almost any type of standard material. Rohbimax AG is a leading name in precision sawing machinery with over 50 years of industry experience. Each metal circular saw is made with your needs in mind and built to the highest specifications at the company's plant in Switzerland. Not only will you save time, effort and money when you install a metal circular saw, your entire production line will be more effective and efficient.

Take a closer look at a Rohbimax AG metal circular saw

A metal circular saw is a smart investment and you'll recoup your initial outlay quickly thanks to increased output and lower production times. The RKA circular sawing machine is a classic and it's ideal for tubes or profiles and a wide range of solid material. The KTC NF is a great alternative when a high speed fully automated machine is needed. At the heart of each machine is a metal circular saw made of either high speed steel (HSS), carbide tipped steel or solid carbide. Each Rohbimax AG metal circular saw has the ability to saw through single pieces or bundles effortlessly and spindle speeds can be synchronised to suit the material.

Save time with a metal circular saw

Bundle cutting with a metal circular saw is fast and precise and leads to higher overall production. Choose a high-speed automated machine like the KTC F for ferrous materials and you'll enjoy all the advantages of a carbide-tipped metal circular saw that can be programmed to meet your requirements. Features include PLC touch control, variable cutting speeds and a CNC heavy duty pivot arm saw head. A metal circular saw blade guide with air cushion ensures the best results every time while the automatic loading magazine can handle round or square bars measuring up to 6 metres in length. A spray mist lubrication system has been included to facilitate frictionless cutting and you can optimise your precision sawing machine with a range of clamping tools.

Our metal circular saw: technology and craftsmanship

Perhaps you require a metal circular saw that can cut ferrous materials cleanly and precisely with less cut off and wastage. The range you can browse at includes the KTC NF fully automatic high production sawing machine. Ideal for any plant where time is important, two variations are available and both types are equipped with a saw blade made of either carbide (Carbidel) or high speed steel (HSS). These premium quality saws are made by skilled craftsmen and technicians who bring over 50 years of industry experience to the process. They are an excellent illustration of that famous Swiss precision and each metal circular saw is fully finished to the highest standards.

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